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The nervous system controls and regulates all parts and functions in the body. When there is nerve interference, also know as a subluxation, your body loses the ability to properly self regulate and heal itself. The result can be pain and illness.

Blair Upper Cervical care is a highly specialized system of locating and correcting this nerve interference in the spine, also known as a subluxation, where we can specifically correct one area of the spine to allow the rest of the spine to become healthy and stable again, significantly reducing the amount of adjusting and intervention.

The Blair Chiropractic society is committed to the promotion, advancement and quality control of the Blair Chiropractic technique amongst it practitioners, instructors, students and community.

Dr. Andy Gibson

Andy Gibson was awarded Blair chiropractor of the year in 2013 for his unyielding dedication to the blair chiropractic procedure.    Andy gave a talked at the 2012 evolution in which he displayed his unique and upfront ability to communicate the upper cervical message to his patients and the profession.  For those of you that read Dr. Tom Forest's newsletter it is usually peppered with miracle recoveries that are the mainstay of  his practice.  Dr. Gibson exemplifies doing it right, with precision, with passion and without compromise. Congratulations Dr. Andy Gibson

Dr. Ian Bulow

Ian Bulow was awarded Blair chiropractor of the year in 2013.  Dr. Bulow is a young enthusiastic well spoken Blair doc.  He is best known for his "crazy" video which went viral within the upper cervical community in 2011.  He is a certified  instructor and has started teaching on the east coast in the past year.  We are happy to award the Blair chiropractor of the year to someone who is teaching, practicing and preaching the good message of the Blair upper cervical work.  Keep up the good work Dr. Bulow!

Upcoming Seminars and Conferences

17 May 2014 2:00 PM (PDT) • 550 E Carson Plaza, Ste 122, Carson, CA 90746
24 May 2014 1:00 PM (PDT) • 3600 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 932, Los Angeles, CA 90010
02 Oct 2014 1:00 PM • Sheraton Hotel, New Orleans

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