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Does Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Help Lupus?



We are often asked by patients,  ‘I have a friend who has x y z disease can you help?’ The answer to this question, including the disease lupus, is simple: diseases and symptoms are the end result of the body not working right.   So instead of treating the effects let’s talk about how to help the body function better so it can heal itself.

Medically, lupus is defined as an autoimmune disease.   An autoimmune disease is a process in which the body’s immune system starts to recognize its own tissue as a threat.  As this non-recognition process evolves the body starts to destroy its own tissues.  One of the markers on blood tests for lupus is ‘ANA positive’.  This test, basically, is an inflammatory indicator.  Lupus and other autoimmunity disease alike  have an ANA positive test.  There are many reasons for inflammation in the body, all of which are indicators that something in the system is not functioning properly.  Instead of treating the effect, inflammation, our goal as upper cervical doctors is to get underneath the symptoms and locate areas of disturbances to the nervous system that are CAUSING the system to malfunction.

Alignment of the upper cervical region(top bones in the neck) is one aspect to helping people who have lupus.  To put it in simple terms, when the upper cervical region has been traumatized and its joint stability has been altered from damaged ligaments this causes interference to the master control system in the body, the nervous system.  Dorland’s medical dictionary states that the nervous system’s job is to control and coordinate all organ systems.  Therefore, this area should be the first area in the body that is checked to determine whether or not there is interference to the nervous system altering the normal function of the body.

One area that we have also found to be helpful, with all autoimmune diseases, is the health of the gut.  We advise all of our autoimmune patients to seek out information and doctors that deal with ‘leaky gut syndrome’.  It is a burgeoning area of research that is confirming that damage to the gut lining and the community of bacterial flora therein has a dramatic influence on the immune system’s function. To research this aspect of autoimmunity we suggest you listen to Dr. McBride’s interview on the GAPS diet with Dr.  Mercola.
Even though this audio file is generally about autism, it covers how the gut is damaged and how immune function is altered. This can be one of the factors that puts autoimmunity into process.

To learn about the fundamentals of upper cervical care you can go to this video.

We hope that this article has been of help to those searching for answers to the their healthcare. The days of ‘it’s an autoimmune disease and you will just have to learn to live with it’ are wearing thin on those who hear it.  There is a movement out there that is based on the idea that for every effect there is a cause, and, that treating the effect never gets to the cause. Be proactive with your health.  Have faith in nature and its ability to restore yourself to health.  You must find the underlying causes and then act.

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Allow time, and nature, to do its work.
Health to you all.
Dr. Drew Hall

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