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Can An Upper Neck Injury Cause Depression?

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Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Depression Recovery | Natural Depression Treatment

Most people have little awareness of the upper cervical spine and how it can influence one's emotional state. In our nationwide offices we have taken care of thousands of patients and regularly see patients recover from emotional problems. It is well known that one cause of depression is the lack of brain blood flow. When the brain has a lack of blood flow it can slow cognitive function and affect a person's emotional state. Dr. Mike Flanagan D.C. has written a 21-page article which clearly shows how a misalignment at the base of the skull can not only affect brain blood flow but can cause far reaching global detrimental effects to human health. (1)

Many health problems are the result of traumatic injury. A simple whiplash accident can dislodge the C-1(atlas) vertebrae out of its normal range of motion causing neurological complications and result in long-term chronic health problems. Listen to Alec talk about how Blair Upper Cervical Care changed his life and not only brought him out of depression but a host of other health problems resolved as well.

Can Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Help Essential Tremors?[/caption]


Blair Upper Cervical is a health care procedure with the goal of locating and correcting spinal misalignments in the neck. There is mounting evidence that upper neck misalignments interfere with normal nervous system function. These interferences can present with various symptoms that many healthcare providers simply mask with medication.

When a patient visits a Blair Upper Cervical Doctor a complete history is taken. The patient is then run through a series of objective tests that determine if the patient suffers from Upper Cervical Spine misalignment. If the testing indicates there is nervous system interference, then a set of precise x-rays are taken. The x-rays visualize the joints between the head and neck to measure direction and magnitude of the misalignment. The information received from these tests help the doctor make a custom tailored correction. The goal of Blair Upper Cervical Care is for the correction to “hold” as long as possible. When the spinal segment returns to its normal position and “holds,” it allows the body to function better.

Many different conditions respond to Blair upper cervical care. The medical approach to many of these conditions is to just treat the symptoms. The Blair Upper Cervical approach relies on the fact that the body is self-healing and self-regulating. If neural interference is removed, then better function ensues. Nature needs no help, just no interference!



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