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Can Upper Cervical Care Help TMJ and TMD?



Can Upper Cervical Chiropractic Help TMJ or TMD? TMJ Los Angeles.

TMJ is a common health condition.  It is usually associated with other health conditions such as ringing in the ears, vertigo, neck and shoulder pain. When TMJ is severe enough it can be debilitating to the individual who suffers. When TMJ is at its worst,  simple daily tasks such as eating become a chore.  If it is severe enough some  individuals have to go on a liquid diet. While many conventional therapies give relief , this article will delve into the underlying causes of TMJ.  We will also discuss  an innovative little known procedure that has helped thousands of TMJ sufferers recover.

TMJ is a condition in which the mastication muscles become imbalanced in their tone, which pulls the jaw and subsequently the TMJ joint out of its normally position. Over time the abnormal joint position causes stresses and strains that effect the disc in the joint, the proprioceptors and ultimately produces symptoms of jaw pain, vertigo, cracking, and teeth malposition.

Many avenues of treatment exists for TMJ sufferers.  Dentists give splints, medical doctors give pain killers and muscle relaxers while massage therapists aim to reduce muscle spasms. While many of these offer relief none address the underlying abnormal neurophysiology that starts TMJ in the first place.

Upper Cervical Care  views TMJ through an unconventional lense. The muscles of the jaw are controlled by the 5th cranial nerve. When an individual has a car accident or other trauma it dislodges the top vertebra in the neck,  causing neurolgical insult. Muscle tone imbalances ensues, which  affects normal joint position. One of those joints is the TMJ. Over time the muscle imbalances cause the TMJ to malfunction and if left unchecked , can cause the symptoms  commonly associated with TMJ. See what some patients are saying about Upper Cervical Care in Los Angeles.

The Upper Cervical Approach Determines Several Things:

1.Does the person have an upper neck misalignment causing interference to the central nervous system?
2.Which vertebra are involved.
3.A set of x-rays are used to view each individual joint of the neck to determine misalignment direction, joint angle and magnitude.
4.A precise gentle correction is made to correct the misaligned joints to restore normal nervous system function.

We have a motto in Upper Cervical Care that says, “Nature needs no help just no interference.” While Upper Cervical is not a cure-all, its procedures are based in science. Its application is used to allow the nervous system to express itself normally. When interference is removed the body will migrate back toward normal function.

If you suffer with TMJ and have tried all of the mainstream treatments and still are suffering, you may find that it isn't just in your head but just below it. The junction between your head and your first cervical vertebra is what runs your entire body. Give Upper Cervical Care a chance. You will be glad you did.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, our offices offer a free consultation, in which your case is evaluated and it is determined whether you can be helped or not. If you would like to schedule you can do so online here: www.upperervicalcare.schedapple.com. If outside of the Los Angeles area visit www.upcspine.com. TMJ LOS ANGELES- Merging science with practice. Get your health back.

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