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Chiropractic Benefits for Fibromyalgia Treatment


Fibromyalgia is not a pleasant disorder to live with today. Characterized by chronic pain, fatigue, and discomfort, fibromyalgia attacks the nervous system, wreaking havoc on muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skeletal structures. To be diagnosed with the disorder, a patient typically possesses a minimum of 11 out of 18 specific tender points on the body. In addition to these pain points, patients can also suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, TMJ pain and dysfunction, psychological conditions, and occasional autoimmune diseases. It’s a total body experience that can be very difficult to live with, impacting the patient on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Fibromyalgia Patients Seeking Natural Treatment

Affecting close to 10 million Americans today, fibromyalgia is a widespread condition. With no cure, the condition remains largely a mystery, though attributed to onset from traumatic events. Some consider fibromyalgia to be a nervous system disorder, whereas others find it to be a chronic pain problem that stems from irregularities in the body.

Can Chiropractic Help Fibromyalgia?

If you live with fibromyalgia every day, you know the never-ending tingling, pain, and exhaustion are absolutely unbearable, presenting excruciating pain as the syndrome slowly deteriorates one’s nervous system. Thankfully, although there may be no cure, there are ways to manage the debilitating pain. Through chiropractic professional support, targeted chiropractic treatment is pursued to alleviate pain points and built up pressure in patients, providing them with a much better quality of life.

Fibromyalgia Doctor in Los Angeles, California

Chiropractic Benefits for Those Living with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is no happy reality. If you’re looking for non-invasive, comprehensive health services that will effectively help with the management of your fibromyalgia, consider chiropractic benefits for the chronic pain condition. Through neck adjustments, spinal manipulations, spinal adjustments, and other chiropractic treatments, you can control the effects of fibromyalgia on your everyday life.

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Chiropractors believe that your body is a connected system. They look at everything, including bones, ligaments, muscles, joints, and tendons. They look at you comprehensively, checking if certain parts of your skeletal system are not functioning properly. When your skeletal structure is strong, you feel strong, remediating the pain that comes with fibromyalgia. Through stretches, adjustments, and manipulations, your chiropractor will work with you and your specific pain points.

Fibromyalgia Prevention in Los Angeles and Carson, CA

Since many people who suffer from this condition also suffer from upper cervical spinal stenosis, chiropractors are used to working with individuals whom have compression of the meninges. From this deficiency, the patient is typically left with pain throughout their entire body. Chiropractors familiar with the syndrome can adjust the head and neck so that the spine is not compressed, which can help alleviate some of the chronic pain that can make life unlivable.

Fibromyalgia Patients Seeking Natural Treatment

If you live with fibromyalgia every single day, consider the notable chiropractic benefits you will be afforded by approaching your pain through a holistic, total-body perspective.


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