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How Your Head Pain Affects Low Back Pain

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How Can Neck Injuries Affect Your Low Back? | Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Nearly 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetime. It is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work days. Understanding a frequent cause of the low back pain may help overcome or even prevent this devastating health concern.

Have you ever heard of someone who bent over to pick up a pen off the floor and their back went out? Could it be that the weight of the pen caused the back injury? Absolutely not. Chances are that their spine has undergone various changes and compensations due to a subluxation near the brain stem. The action of bending over to pick up the pen is just the straw that “broke the camel’s back”.

So what happened to create this precarious situation? How did the spine change and what are the common compensations seen in similar cases? Let’s take a look at two ways this often occurs: the functional and structural processes.

Functional Low Back Pain

We start with the brain and the nervous system because this is what controls every function and movement in our body. The nervous system also coordinates the function of muscles. For the body
to move appropriately, there cannot be interference to the nerves that regulate the muscles. The old adage “Bones exist where muscles put them” plays a part in how the whole spine functions. With irritation on the brain stem or the nerves near the brain stem, muscles on one side of the body will pull tighter and cause the changes in the low back - creating low back pain.

With Blair Upper Cervical correction, the irritation on the brain stem is removed and the muscles of the spine become equal once again, eliminating the low back pain. Watch this video to understand the basic Upper Cervical Blair philosophy:

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Structural Low Back Pain

The spine is a column made up of 24 highly mobile vertebra and our head balances on top of this column. The average adult human skull weighs 10-14 lbs. Having the head perfectly balanced on the spine is critical to maintaining our center of gravity. If the head is tilted or off-center even a little, the spine will also shift to accommodate the uneven distribution of weight. Having a head tilted or rotated to the side will typically cause the shoulders to be uneven as well as the hips. This will change how the spine is able to move and will create low back pain. Think of walking in shoes with two different thicknesses. In certain cases, this change may predispose an otherwise healthy spine to suffer a herniated disc in the lower spine.

Doctors of Chiropractic who understand how the body is one integrated organism will understand that clearing the interference at the level of the brain stem will allow the body to heal. Blair Upper Cervical practitioners have witnessed chronic low back pain, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar disc protrusion, sciatica, and other low back issues resolved as the structure at the base of the skull becomes balanced.

Fact or Fiction

  • A herniated disk is related to the natural aging of your spine. - False
  • Your low back pain may be caused by an issue in your neck. - True
  • ¼ of adults have experienced low back pain in the past 3 months. - True
  • A disc herniation or injury requires surgery. - False
  • Upper cervical care only offers temporary relief from low back pain. - False
  • The low back pain only comes as a result of a traumatic injury. - False

Blair Specific Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Blair Upper Cervical Care has shown to be an effective and lasting option for people with low back pain. Surgery is not your only option - in some cases, it may be the worst option. Back surgery has a poor track record of eliminating the problem. Medications and injections may offer some relief, but they do not address the cause of the back pain, these are just temporary fixes. If the cause is not addressed, back pain may continue and turn into a chronic condition.

Natural back pain relief does exist. Blair Upper Cervical Care offers a correction to what may be the cause of your back pain. By getting down to the root cause, and not just treating the symptoms, you may finally overcome this struggle and be able to reclaim your life.

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Based in North Dallas, Jason Alder DC is a health professional that is passionate about improving lives. His world-wide training and experiences have led him to the leading edge of natural healing through a method called Blair Upper Cervical Care. Utilizing advanced 3D-CBCT Imaging, he is able to understand the unique anatomy and address the problems many people are facing. This approach helps to regain and promote wellness in a way many have not experienced.

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