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Upper Cervical Help Essential Tremors?



Natural Drug-Free Options For Essential Tremor Relief

Essential Tremors affects about 7.5 million Americans. Although essential tremor is more common in older populations, it can occur in people as young as teenagers. Our offices throughout the country have seen many cases of essential tremors with much success. Most often essential tremor causes a subtle head shaking, however, in others, it can develop shaking of the hands.

Many times essential tremor can be a mild insidious disturbance while in others it can completely affect their livelihood and ability to function normally in life. Current medical treatment for essential tremors is to use beta blockers which are most commonly used to treat high blood pressure. In our offices, we use a completely natural procedure called Blair Upper Cervical Care.

Essential Tremor Recovery From Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

In the following video, you will hear a young man talk about how his essential tremor affected his work as a welder.

What Does An Upper Cervical Chiropractor Do?

Upper Cervical Care focuses on restoring normal bio mechanics of the upper cervical spine. What may underlie essential tremor is an irritation to the central nervous system that is the result of a spinal trauma. Most of us as we go through life are subjected to multiple traumas that at the time seem insidious. Minor car accidents, slip and falls, sports injuries are generally just part of life. These types of injuries can displace the top vertebra in the spine called the atlas. When this bone is out of its normal position it can irritate the central nervous system and cause a plethora of problems. Blair Upper Cervical Care is focused on restoring motion to injured areas of the upper cervical spine so that the central nervous system can function normally. When this is accomplished many patients that suffer a variety of health problems recover their lost function and health.


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