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Meniere's Disease



If you have landed on this page it is the result of one of two reasons:

1. You are suffering with Vertigo, Menieres or a Vestibular Disorder and want help.

2. You know someone that is suffering and want to help them.

We will discuss the most common underlying cause of Vertigo and Menieres. It is unlikely that you will ever hear of this neurological link to vestibular problems other than through internet research or by bumping into a patient who is under the care of an Upper Cervical Blair Doctor. The fact of the matter is that ALL the things you have done to this point have dealt with the symptoms and the treatment of Menieres – not the cause and its correction.


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What is Upper Cervical Blair Care? How does it relate to Menieres Disease, Vertigo, and other Vestibular disorders?

At this point you have probably already tried diet modifications, acupuncture, intratympanic injections, appley maneuver, massage, etc. You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You don’t want pity. You just want to be yourself again. I totally understand. While I did not have Meniere’s disease, I did have debilitating health problems. 20 years ago I was chronically sick with 30 different bizarre symptoms that no one could figure out. I was desperate to feel better. I understand what it feels like to have no one understand, to feel hopeless, and to wonder if anyone has an answer. What I have found in my life is that for most problems there are solutions… it is just a matter of getting to the right person who has the right solution.

What does Upper Cervical Blair Care have to do with your vestibular problems?

People who suffer with Menieres have four main categories of symptoms. Dizziness, the clogged ear feeling (and decreased hearing), mental and cognitive fog, and tinnitus. They may also suffer with a host of other symptoms but those four are almost always associated with Menieres. Any one of those symptoms is enough to ruin ones day. Meniere’s sufferers can have episodes of dizziness or they can be constantly dizzy with severe episodes in between. Each case is different. What we do know is this. The symptoms of Menieres can be explained by a nerve pathway that originates in the upper cervical spine. When there is abnormal motion in the top two vertebra in the spine this can disrupt the flow of information through nerve pathways that CONTROL the tonicity of muscles that line the Eustachian tube.

Most who suffer from true Menieres have a god awful clogged feeling in their ear which reduces hearing, and triggers the awful symptoms associated with Menieres. This is why many sufferers flare up during allergy season. The allergy is not the underlying cause but the irritation causes the already stressed Eustachian tube to be further compromised during those seasons. So the question becomes what is it that is interfering with the normal tone of the musculature in the Eustachian tube that causes people that suffer with Menieres to stay hyper-tonic and not let go and act normally? There is ample evidence to indicate that when someone suffers from a traumatic injury to the neck the joints of the neck become aberrant and do not move properly. The joint abnormalities are a function of tight cervical musculature, limiting the joints and the cervical spine range of motion. When we say traumatic injury, these are injuries such as minor car accidents, slip and fall injuries, sports injuries, and other injuries that create a sudden whipping or jolting of the head. Dr. Michael Burcon has found that these injuries on average predate the onset of Menieres by approximately 14 years. The abnormal joint motion of either Atlas or Axis (top two joints in the vertebrae) creates abnormal input into the CNS (central nerve system). The end results is Eustachian tube dysfunction. Dr. Burcon has shown in over 169 cases of Menieres disease that following specific Upper Cervical Corrections Menieres disease abates. To read about this research you can click on this link for more information, and you can also read our blog:

I know it sounds too simple .How could something so devastating be so simple? How could this simple yet effective procedure not be known to the public? Dr. Burcon has spent the last 14 years trying to get the Upper Cervical Message out to the larger audience of sufferers. He has attended almost every Menieres conference that has been held internationally. Slowly his research and affiliations are getting the word out. We are doing our part by to getting this vital information out to you and to those who suffer. We hope that the information has helped you gain a clearer understanding of why your Menieres has NOT cleared with conventional procedures. In order to correct something you must know what causes it. Upper Cervical Chiropractors have been helping get Menieres sufferers their lives back for years.

What does the Upper Cervical Blair Doctor do to correct the underlying cause of your issue?

When a patient undergoes Upper Cervical Blair care they are first evaluated to see if they have what is called an atlas subluxation complex. The Upper Cervical Doctor will take a complete history and then run the patient through a neurological evaluation that is focused on determining whether or not you have an Atlas Subluxation complex. Before we discuss the tests lets define what an Atlas Subluxation complex is: Atlas subluxation complex refers to a condition where the top one or two vertebra in the spine, rarely the ones below, are misaligned from their normal joint position resulting from a traumatic injury in the past. When the vertebra are out of their normal alignment they produce abnormal neurological signals or interference’s to the central nervous system. The Upper Cervical Blair doctor is specially trained to correct these misalignments so your body can function at its optimum. Interference’s to the nervous system can cause a whole host of symptoms. While the doctor cares about how you feel he is especially interested in correcting the underlying cause of the bodies ill health and monitoring whether the interference has returned or not. The care is centered around correction NOT symptom treatment. With that said, when the interference to normal function is removed the body will go through a self-healing process. The doctor’s job is to monitor over time whether or not the inference has returned or not. If it has returned then another spinal correction is made. If there is no return of the interference pattern no correction is made.

Precision Xrays:

The Blair Upper Cervical Doctor takes an extensive set of cervical spine xrays to determine exactly how your vertebra has misaligned from normal. Since each joint in your neck fits perfectly (like two halves of a peanut shell) the doctor can ascertain how the vertebra has misaligned from normal by looking at how the joints fit. Not only can the doctor determine the direction of misalignment, he can also determine the exact angle at which your joints are built. Once that information is gathered a precise angle is determined to make your correction. THERE IS NO CRACKING, POPPING OR TWISTING DURING THE UPPER CERVICAL CORRECTION.

Graph Pattern Analysis-Infrared Thermographic Analaysis:

A differential heat graph is taken on each patient at each visit to determine how their central nervous system is functioning. We want to determine if you are in pattern or out of pattern. Pattern is a unique heat reading that relates to your neurological interference pattern and indicates that an atlas subluxation has returned. It is one test that the doctor uses to determine each visit whether you need a correction or not.

This is an example of a thermo graphic reading showing areas of thermal asymmetry that are indicative of nervous system interference.

Leg Length Analysis:

When someone has an Atlas subluxation complex one effect of it is an imbalance in spinal musculature. This results in body posture that is asymmetric. The doctor will run the patient through a leg length analysis to ascertain if you have an atlas subluxation complex or not. And

if you do, at what level is the interference located.

Upper Cervical Spinal Correction:

Once all of the examination findings have been performed, a precise Upper Cervical Blair Correction is administered to move the atlas or axis vertebra back to its normal bio mechanical range to eliminate spinal cord interference. The correction is done while the patient is lying on his/her side. There is no twisting or popping but rather a gentle, precise tap is made with enough force to “unlock the vertebra back into motion. Once this is accomplished the patient is put in a post rest bed for a minimum of 20 minutes to allow the body to relax and finish the correction. The resting period gives the patient’s body the opportunity to move the vertebra back to its proper position and also allows for a more permanent correction. The goal of Upper Cervical Blair Care is to keep the correction in its proper alignment for as long as possible. It is during the time the correction holds that the body can heal and repair back to balance.

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