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Natural Care For Scoliosis

Scoliosis is an abnormal lateral spinal curve of at least 10 degrees (though 20 degrees is a more appropriate criterion).[i] The most common forms are Juvenile Natural scoliosis relief with Blair Upper Cervical Care and Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS), which account for 90% of all people with scoliosis. AIS is so named because it develops in children 10-16 years of age (90% female); because it is not linked to any other medical disorder; and because its cause from a medical viewpoint is unknown. The traditional solutions for AIS are either bracing or surgery, which involves grafting stainless steel rods into the vertebrae and pelvis in order to anchor the spine and prevent further curvature.[ii]

For all the medical research into AIS, critical questions remain unanswered: What is the cause of scoliosis? How can it be prevented? And is there a non-invasive and non-surgical option to correct the problem?

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Blair Upper Cervical chiropractors seek to achieve a natural scoliosis solution with a safe, effective, and surgery-free upper cervical adjustment for people with scoliosis.

The premise of Blair Upper Cervical Care is that the human body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism. Moreover, the brain-stem, which controls all the vital life functions and which is protected by the top two vertebrae in the neck, the atlas (C1) and the axis (C2), is the master control system.

What Blair Upper Cervical doctors assert is that physical injury to the spine that disrupts the normal alignment of the atlas and axis exerts direct pressure on the brain, tension on the spinal cord, and disrupts normal function of the brain-stem.

Blair Upper Cervical chiropractors call this dysfunctional state of the body caused by a misalignment of the atlas or axis ‘subluxation.’

Blair Chiropractic and Scoliosis

The body does not tolerate neurological pressure at the brain-stem well. Rather than suffer immediate consequences such as heart or lung problems, the body has a built-in safeguard mechanism called the “cervical righting reflex.” What it means is that the body will shift the lower spine in order to maintain balance of the skull atop the atlas and axis. In other words, the body sacrifices its own muscles and ligaments in order to preserve the function of its vital organs.

Blair doctors call this state ‘body imbalance,’ which is often perceived as being a muscle or a ‘posture problem.’ The problem, however, is a neurological one. If this body imbalance progresses far enough, the spine twists and buckles under the force of gravity, which in turn causes numerous health problems—not the least of which can include scoliosis.

Why does Scoliosis affect Children? – A Blair Chiropractic Perspective

Medical researchers have identified a hereditary component to AIS. However, they have yet to identify the epigenetic (ie, environmental) factors that trigger its onset. Blair doctors hypothesize that this trigger is linked to subluxation of the upper cervical spine.

Consider the types of spinal trauma that children experience before they reach 10 years of age. Falls as children learn to crawl, walk, run and ride a bike can be more than sufficient. How about trampoline, playground and sports injuries (eg skating, skateboarding, gymnastics)? Add to it repetitive strains that comes from sitting in school desks, watching TV, playing video games, and using iPads and iPhones.

Even the birth process itself may be responsible. Cesarean deliveries, forceps or vacuum extractions, or even constriction inside the womb may all disrupt normal spinal tone and development. Then when it is time for a growth spurt, the imbalances finally come to light.

The Blair Chiropractic Method - Scoliosis Relief with Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic

There is a big difference between a spinal manipulation, a general chiropractic adjustment, and a Blair Upper Cervical correction.

A Blair Upper Cervical chiropractor does not claim to fix or cure scoliosis, or even treat the spine the way that medical practitioners do. A Blair doctor focuses on correcting subluxations of the atlas and axis in order to restore the body’s normal ability to heal itself. Included here is the body’s ability to correct imbalance and scoliotic curves. It is the hope and expectation of Blair doctors that the progression of AIS can be slowed, halted or even reversed naturally from the inside-out by using the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Unfortunately, most people have never heard of Blair Chiropractic care—let alone as a method to assist people with scoliosis. In order to bring this form of care to people’s attention, the Blair Chiropractic Society is undertaking a 2½ year pilot study through McGill University in Montreal, Canada (2015) to demonstrate the effectiveness of Upper Cervical chiropractic care as a non-invasive, non-surgical option to correct juvenile and adolescent idiopathic scoliosis at the source.[iii]

[i] Marchiori D. Clinical Imaging with Skeletal, Chest and Abdomen Pattern Differentials. 2nd Ed. Elsevier Mosby. St Louis (MO). 2005:956.

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[iii] Juvenile and Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Occipito-Atlanto-Axial Neurobiomechanics (JAISON). It is a randomized controlled double-blind pilot study of juvenile and adolescent patients with idiopathic scoliosis using a precise Blair upper cervical adjustment intervention. The principal investigator on the study is Jean Brunette, Peng,MSc,PhD and co-investigators Luc Gelinas, DC and Jean Ouellet, MD.

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