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Questions to Ask When Looking for a Chiropractor Near You



Questions to Ask When You’re Looking for a Chiropractor Near You.

Friends, patients, and family often ask me: “How do I find a good chiropractor near me?”

Here is what I tell them:

Look at their online profile. Look at their yelp reviews, video testimonies on YouTube, and read up on their website.  If the office offers a FREE Consultation, then take advantage. There is no better way to size up a doctor than to personally meet them.

When you visit their office, you can ask the following questions:

Why did you become a chiropractor? Doctors who have had their own lives changed by the procedure are usually more inclined to want to help heal their patients rather than only being focused on business.

Find out what is they are taking x-ray or Cone Beam Cat Scan(CBCT) and if they are solely focused on correction of vertebral subluxation. Those who exclusively focus on subluxation correction are usually best. If you become a jack of all trades, you are a master of none.

Does the chiropractor actually adjust the spine?

Some chiropractors don’t actually adjust the spine, they only do therapies like ultrasound or muscle stimulation. As an alternative, some chiropractors practice more nutritional counseling than being an actual chiropractic doctor and adjusting your spine. There is nothing wrong with these other therapies but generally a chiropractor who is NOT focused on correction of the spine only becomes less competent at his/her trade. And some chiropractors try to act as if they are medical doctors and want to diagnose every health condition under the sun and refer you out to specialists. I’m not opposed to taking advantage of other therapies and medical care. Most times when people ask me to give them advise to help finding a chiropractor, it is because they want a good chiropractor—one who is well trained to make good, specific upper cervical chiropractic adjustments. If they wanted a nutrition counselor, they’d ask for one instead of a chiropractor. If they wanted a MD to diagnose their heart problems, they’d ask for g to someone trained in diagnosis. So it is disconcerting when I refer friends of family to see a chiropractor and they end up in an office where the chiropractor doesn’t rely on specific,adjustments. Even worse is when a patient does well under a specific type of care (upper cervical care) , is referred out to a doctor advertising they do the same type of work, only to find out they are doing anything but specific, upper cervical care.

Find out what is they are taking x-ray or Cone Beam Cat Scan(CBCT) and if they are solely focused on correction of vertebral subluxation. Those who exclusively focus on subluxation correction are usually best. If you become a jack of all trades, you are a master of none.

There are many reasons it’s important for chiropractors to take X-rays. Below are the top THREE reasons:

1.Chiropractors who take X-rays or CBCT can be much more specific about where and how they adjust. In fact the X-ray is the blueprint upon which correction a misaligned joints should rest. FIG.1


Fig. 1 Xray showing a spinal misalignment of the c-1 (atlas) vertebrae relative to a stable skull. The arrow shows C-1 clearly misaligning upwards and to the right off the skull.

2.An X-ray will reveal structural anomalies, fractures, birth defects, arthritis and degeneration that you wouldn’t know about if not for imaging. Recently a patient came into our office and had a fused atlas vertebra to the skull. Without imaging we would not have known that the atlas could not be corrected.

3.Post X-ray can be a valuable tool to see if the patient is making progress. Postural changes and joint misalignments can be compared to pre-x-ray and determine progress.

Other questions that you can ask that can help make sure you find the best chiropractor near you:

1.How Long Do Appointments Last?

In some chiropractic offices, your appointment following the initial work up might last an hour or more. At each office visit the chiropractor might have you doing traction, ultrasound, laser and any number of other therapies. There’s nothing wrong with these adjunct therapies, but they’re often over-used because it helps increase the services rendered. But some of the things can easily be done at home, which saves you time and money. On average a chiropractic appointment shouldn’t last more than 10 or 15 minutes. In our office our office visits are anywhere from 5-12 minutes. A patient is checked with objective tests that determine whether or not a correction is necessary on each visit. If no correction is necessary, the appointment is usually 5-7 minutes. If a correction is necessary, a post rest is required. Post rests is a 15-minute nap that allows the body to accept the correction and increase its holding time.

2.Does the Chiropractor Put You on a Care Plan to Achieve a Stated Goal?

Since chiropractic has the stated goal of correcting spinal misalignments to increase nervous system function and health, it is important that a regular care program is established. Chiropractic’s stated goal is to increase function, therefore having regular checkups to ensure that the spine is healing, and stabilizing is essential. Once spinal corrections are maintaining their normal position for greater lengths of time your office visits will become less frequent. Long term maintenance checkups are one of the best things you can do to ensure that you are functioning at your optimum.

3.Does the Chiropractic Office Rely On Insurance Or Are They Cash Based?

You might think a “yes” answer to insurance based as a good thing. However there’s a downside you’ll want to be aware of. When the chiropractor participates with your health insurance company, your care might be dictated by the terms of your policy rather than your needs. In many offices, the number of visits you “need” magically corresponds with the number of visits the insurance company covers. Most insurance only covers the very minimum level of care—emergency care. The insurance companies are not interested in long-term benefits, correction or prevention. Chiropractic care is an investment in your health. It’s a bad idea to let the insurance company dictate how much care you need. Furthermore, if a chiropractic office is cash based and is super busy it might make you think about how they are so busy without taking insurance. There must be a product of value that us being rendered.

We hope that this blog has been of value to our readers. If you would like to schedule an appointment in our Los Angeles or Carson office call, 310 324-6172 (Carson) or 213 399-7772 (Los Angeles). Or schedule online by clicking this link.

Our office routinely sees patients with the following conditions: Migraine Headaches, Meniere’s Disease, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Post-Concussion Syndrome, Vertigo, TMJ, Fibromyalgia, Neck Pain, Sciatica, and Back Pain.

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