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Upper Cervical Care Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

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Is Upper Cervical Care Treatment for Anxiety Disorders effective? Over the past several decades there is a battery of clinical data and testimonial account of Upper Cervical care treatment for anxiety disorders being successful.  In 2013 a case series was published in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research (JVSR) which investigated " Upper Cervical Care as a complementary strategy for depression and anxiety".  This case series looked at the role Upper Cervical care can play in recovery for patients who suffer from anxiety and depression. "Four of five study completers expressed satisfaction with the outcome and they would recommend similar care to others with anxiety or depression. Participants also reported a decrease in muscle tension and pain and increase in mental clarity and physical energy.

The results of the study were as follows: “Five of six patients completed all 12 recommended chiropractic visits. Repeated measures ANOVA detected significant decreases in both Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)-7 and PHQ-9 scores across treatment (p<.01).  The SCL-90-R General Symptoms Index significantly decreased from pre- to post-treatment (p<.05).  Four of five study completers expressed satisfaction with the outcome and that they would recommend similar care to others with anxiety or depression. Participants also reported decrease in muscle tension and pain and increase in mental clarity and physical energy”


Types of Anxiety Disorders-Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Anxiety is a general term that includes many different disorders:

  • Panic disorder. You feel the terror that strikes at random. During a panic attack, you may also sweat, have chest pain, and feel palpitations(unusually strong or irregular heartbeats). Sometimes you may feel like you’re choking or having a heart attack.
  • Social anxiety disorder. Also called social phobia, this is when you feel overwhelming worry and self-consciousness about everyday social situations. You fixate on others judging you or on being embarrassed or ridiculed.
  • Specific phobias. You feel intense fear of a specific object or situation, such as heights or flying. The fear goes beyond what’s appropriate and may cause you to avoid ordinary situations.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder. You feel excessive, unrealistic worry and tension with little or no reason.

Medical Treatments For Anxiety Disorders

  1. Tranquilizers
  2. Antidepressants
  3. Hidrosis sometimes is used to treat anxiety disorders
  4. Psychotherapy



How Does Your Bodies Health Relate to Anxiety Disorders?

 Most of us have known people with the same circumstances in life and watched one individual thrive while the other sinks. What is the difference? Of course, there are multiple factors in how people relate to the stressors of life, however health plays a role in the level of anxiety one feels in their life.  To reduce stress in one’s life one thing that can help is fortifying your level of health, so the stresses of life are dealt with easier.

A small gland sits on top of the kidney. It is called the adrenal gland. This small gland is responsible for producing adrenaline.  In times of flight or flight, the adrenal gland is instrumental in saving your life. If you are in a dark alley and there is an attacker, immediately your adrenal gland pumps adrenaline into the system. This prepares your body to flee. The heart rate increases, blood pressure increases, mental alertness and awareness skyrockets, preparing the body to fight or flee. This is a normal healthy response to dealing with a threatening situation. But what happens when the adrenal gland produces adrenaline and there is no immediate situation that needs to be dealt with? This happens to people that suffer from panic anxiety disorder.

Some panic anxiety disorder is due to abnormal secretion of adrenaline.  Many times, people experience their first anxiety attack out of the blue.  It hits them like a ton of bricks for no apparent reason.  When this occurs, it is due to an imbalance in the endocrine system. The body is responding abnormally and secreting adrenaline when it should not.  Anxiety attacks are so uncomfortable that once one occurs then there is a secondary worry or anxiety that follows.  Now the person not only has a body that is secreting hormone when it is not necessary but also, they are now in FEAR of another attack coming. This causes more anxiety and is difficult to deal with. In systemic types of anxiety, the question becomes, what is causing the body to be out of balance? What is it that causes the body to produce adrenaline when it shouldn’t be? Next, we will discuss a paradigm of health care that has been instrumental in helping many people recover from anxiety when most other things have failed, Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic.


Anxiety Disorders; Treating Symptoms Versus Increasing Health

Medicine aims at reducing anxiety through medications. This can be useful to get patients through a crisis; however, it does not ask the question what caused this and what can we do to help the body function better in hoping to reverse its cause.  Treating symptoms deals with effects, not causes. Most patients get a diagnosis, but they are left wondering why me? Why do I have anxiety? Sometimes there is an identifiable reason due to a traumatic event but many people with anxiety disorders have no identifiable cause. Next, we will discuss how lowered function and health can lead to a host of disorders and doing things in your life that increase the bodies health can help it move through the underlying cause of the condition.  A healthy body is resistant to things that affect people who are less healthy.  There are many things you can do to help your body function better.  The focus of getting well, whether it is an anxiety disorder or any other health problem should be focused on doing things that support the body in its attempt to heal.

What can you do to help your body heal from anxiety disorders? Natural Anxiety Disorder Treatment

  1. Get the proper amount of rest
  2. Meditation
  3. Stay away from googling- Quit obsessively check on google what is wrong with you
  4. Try to keep your mind occupied with work-distraction can help
  5. Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables- stay away from sugar, wheat, and packaged foods
  6. Look into leaky gut syndrome- the gut houses most of the chemicals responsible for balanced emotions
  7. Get under Blair Upper Cervical Care


In today’s mainstream health system, we have been divorced from the fact that our bodies were designed to heal. We have been told that our health is determined by our genetics and you are a victim of your design. While genetics play a role they are not the sole determiner of your fate.  There is a wisdom inside of each of us and if you work with it by supporting it with the raw materials necessary for the optimum function you can overcome many or most health challenges free of pharmaceutical intervention.

Can I Recover From Sciatic Pain? | Can Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Help?

Can I Recover From Sciatic Pain? | Can Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Help?

Blair Upper Cervical Care - Natural Anxiety Disorder Treatment


“Your nervous system is the controlling factor of every function in the body. Interference to its function lowers the bodies resistance and health. Correction of structural interferences to the nervous system increase health and function.”


Blair Upper Cervical Doctors are trained health care providers that focus on the intimate relationship of the neck and spinal cord.  Injuries such as slips, falls, car accidents, work injuries, concussions, and other traumas can damage the structure of the upper neck resulting in interferences to central nervous system function.  A battery of neurological tests are used by Blair Upper Cervical Doctors to determine whether you have nervous system interference. Once located, precise digital x-rays or cone beam cat scan is used to determine the direction of spinal misalignment.  The information gleaned from the imaging is then used to make a precise, gentle, corrective force to restore normal motion to the vertebrae in the neck which allows for normal nervous system function. Over time the individual is monitored to determine whether another correction is necessary or not.  The goal of the care is for the upper neck bones to stay in their “normal” position so the body can heal and function normally. Blair upper cervical doctors do not TREAT SYMPTOMS but restore normal function by structural corrections.  Once the structure is corrected the body repairs and heals to the best of its ability. Healing is under the bodies control. The result of the care can be the relief of many conditions including anxiety disorders.


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  1. Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research ~ June 20, 2013 ~ Pages 49-59

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